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The Call is a 45 second film shot on 16mm film. The film is an interpretation of a poem about being called upon by the Muse.
Producer & Director: Malory Graham
Costumes, Casting, Locations, Editing & Smoke: Staci Simpson
Director of Photography: Roy Wilson
Assistant Camera: Gretchen Ludwig
Production Assistant: Fiona Otway
Production Assistant: Marilee Carero
Violin Wrangler: Katherine Guthery
Violin Player: Lisa Janicki
Violin Player: Paula Bennett
Violin Player: Alyssa Tomff
Muse: Laura Sethfellt
Muse: Robin Kurtz
Muse: Lisa Petion
STATUS: This production was completed in 1992 and has been presented at the ArtSpots launch, at 911 Media Arts Center and at Independent Exposure.
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