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Peace Kid is based on a song written and performed by students from Alternative School #1 to express their desire for a peaceful world. The concepts for this music video came from the students in collaboration with their instructor, Adam Boesel and the ArtSpots staff. We hope you enjoy this vision of a world full of peace and happiness.
Daniel Allen-Lutack
Ayita Berhane
Patsy Gordon
Abraham Devine
Rebecca E Gunther Harris
Sequin Hutton
Max Moonpenny Hutton
Jordan Jackson
Evan A. Joseph-Pinero
Morgan Kucera
Sam Lockhart
Sean Macki Maguire
Druce Maguire
Tyra Maranan-Wirsing
Megan Caitlin Monroe
Kali Parrish
Wendy Maguire: Executive producer
Evelyn Jaroz: Producer/Director
Staci Simpson: Director/Camera
Heather Ayres: Writer/Camera assistant and crew
Adam Boesel: Music Instruction
Robin Burki: Camera
Amy Stodghill: Behind the sceens footage and crew
Jenessa Wight: Costuming
Kendra Wight: Costuming
Nina Castro: Costuming assistant
Samantha Stewart: Production assistant
Beverly Pooles: Sound assistant
Jason Ewall: Grip
Shamika Sarden: Assitant director
Chelsea Jackson: Production assistant
Sofia: Costuming assistant
Loraine Jackson: Video orders Marina Fish: Art department
Laren Crawford: Lighting
Lisa DiMartino
David Bernstein
STATUS: This production broadcasted the week of July 4th 2003.
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Staci Bernstein 206-841-2029.