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My Way is Right , the first in a 3 part series, is a 30 second film shot on 16mm film. This is a narrative story about a woman lost and unable to interpret her personal map. Others ignore her, speak in a way she can't understand, or insist their maps are better. She learns to let go and find her way home.
Co Producer & Director: Kathlyn Albright
Co Producer & Director: Staci Simpson
Director of Photography: Roy Wilson
Assistant Camera: Gretchen Ludwig
Talent: Orla McGovern
Lighting & Effects: Charles Beauchamp
Map Artist: Ronnie Manheim-Rich
Location Sound: Brian Blue
Snobby Woman: Angela Pershnokov
Sports Fan: Zac Smith
Overbearing Man: Chris Comte
Contributor: Fuzzy Valdez
Food: Julia Schumacher
Production Assistant: Dan Doody
Production Assistant: Ed Siegrist
Sound Design: Rex McFarlin & Clint Hall
Musicians: Rex McFarlin, Clint Hall & Tom LaPaze
STATUS: This production was completed in 1991 and has broadcast on King 5 in conjunction with it’s screening at Northwest Film Forum’s “High Noon of Consumer Culture” event in 2002. It has also been in the Palm Springs Festival Market, presented at One Reel Festival, at 911 Media Arts Center and at Independent Exposure.
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