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Mandala is a colorful piece with brightly painted people moving through water, designed as a meditation on surrending to the flow of the universe.
Carmel Post
Brittany Falagan
Rob Zverina
Director: Staci Simpson
Production Designer: Christen Marquez
Camera Operator, & Digital Stills: Doug vanderHoof
Camera: Steve Bradford
Camera: Danielle Stebbins
Diver & Underwater Camera: Gahan Hanmer
Art Director: Dave Coons
Painter: Christen Marquez
Painter: Farinaz Taghavi
Painter: Staci Simpson
Choreography: Garrett Vance
Composer: James Drage "Jadie"
Test, technical consultant and props: Terry King
Shot on location, Kenmore Estates, thank you David Loesch
STATUS: Completed and Broacasted in 2001.
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