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Homage on the Hill, was a special event honoring, forgiving and celebrating our mothers. A film crew documented this sunrise ceremony and created an "ArtSpot" that broadcasted in 2003 during the week of Mother's Day.
Accle Vivian Reuben, Aftican American
Ann Simpson, Fourth Generation anglo American
Azalee Turner, African American
Bernice Falling Leaves,Half Lakota Sioux & Half Danish
Encarnacion (Connie) Tajon,Filipino American Immigrant
Georgie Bright Kunkel, Englush, French, German, Scothish, Irish & Native American
Jacklyn (Jacki) Meurk, Scottish & English
Thelma Pegues, African American
Ruth Resch, French, Jewish & English
Ruth S. Sanoy, Filipino
Vanda Solomon, Polish, Jewish & American

Event Staff
Executive Producer & Director: Staci Simpson
Associate Producer, Ceremony Designer & Elders Coordinator: Kathleen Hill
Associate Producer/Director, Writer & Elders' Robes: Beth Szabados
Choreographer & Dancer: Laila Atallah
Singer/Song Writer & Opening Song Leader: Marybeth Saunders
Sound Healing & Public Relations Consultant: Julie Dittmar
Closing Song Leader: Gloria Burgess
Participant Coordination: Janet Nelson
Elders' Chairs: Rosally K Starre & Debra Marie Pesce
Elders' Robes: Karen Karlovich & Beth Szabados
Dancers' Costumes: Emily Gerard, Jackie Goldstein & Cynthia Serfaty
Fires: Eric Peterson
Lanterns: Malory Graham & Angela Pershnokov
Sponsorships: Shirley J. Ferraro
Graphic Design: Marina fish & Loren Trayes
Barbara Ode
Cassandra Field
Cynthia Serfaty
Emily Gerard
Faye Zama
Jackie Goldstein
Jami Treutel
Julia Waters
Kay Richardson
Laila Atallah
Elder's Assistants
Emma Cotton
David Bernstein
Anne Kellor
Marcia Huber
Ruth Tajon
Janet Nelson Ellen Liu Kellor
Dawn Carroll
Jan O'Neil
Shirely McNeil
Lisa Thibodeaux
Flute: Reve Suzi Schadle
Lead Drummer: Blake Cisneros
Bell: Phillip Page
Mother Chant recorded at JB Productions
Sound Engineer: James Sullivan
Orchestration: Nick Moore
Singer: Marybeth Saunders
Singer: Pamela Gerke
Singer: Lorraine Bayes
Singer: Dennis Westphall
Singer: Kathleen Hill
Singer: Rich Tamler
Composer Guitar Segments: Rex McFarlan
Technical Crew
Film Crew Director: Staci Simpson
Associate Director for Film Crew: Beth Szabados
Documentary Crew Director: Michi Murayama
Editor: Amy Stodghill
Director of Photography: Roy Wilson
Camera Consultant: Robin Burke
Camera Operator: Robert Bailey
Camera Operator: Bob Watson
Camera Operator in Lift: Evelyn Jarosz
Video Camera Operator: Shawn Connaway
Video Camera Operator: Tony Hidenrick
Assistant Camera: Rey Serna
Assistant Camera: Loren Trayes
Assistant Camera: Dave Kennedy
Assistant Camera: Marea Angela Casteneda
Assistant Camera: Bill Zude
Sound: Bill Murray
Audio Recording
Jayney Walick
Kelly Tyson
Danielle Stebbins assistant
Kika Bomer
Christa Laririt
Margaret Quinn
David Bernstein
Staci Simpson
Christal Wood
Yuliya Pesina
Debbie Esposito
Bill Lazarom
Tim Maguire
Wendy Maguire
Sean Mackie Maguire
Druce Maguire
Jasmine Wood-Jenkins
STATUS: This production has been shot and we are currently seeking sponsors for transfer to video and broadcast.
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