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Get up and Dance is a series of 30 second spots shot on 16mm film. This enthusiastic series shows a variety of people dancing unselfconsciously and encourages movement as a form of personal expression.
Joe6pk: Ed Boyd
Little Girl: Carly Block
Biz Guy & Market Folks: Bill Zude
Market Folks: Zachary Smith
Market Folks: Anna Rosa Bjornson
Market Folks: Ann Nolan
Market Folks: Kelly Loofbourrow
Market Clerk: Dana Nelson
Market Kid 1: Chelsea Kellogg
Market Kid 2: Julie Dunham
Market: Tessa Iffert
Salon Girl: Anna Rosa Bjornsson
Salon Girl: Katie Sawicki
Stylist: Gloria Prinz
Grandma: Betsy Winter
Poodle: Bobby aka Dacher Braylane Blockbuster
Trainer: Carol Anne Bevan
Cuddly Woman: Orla McGovern
Cuddly Man: Krispijn Larrison
Producer/Director: Staci Simpson
Assistant Director, Line Producer & Performer: Zac Smith
Choreographer: Kevin Spencer
Director of Photography: Roy Wilson
Assistant Camera: Gretchen Ludwig
Assistant Camera: Claude Hemmerich
Lighting Person: Josh Beerman
DV Documentary: Doug Vanderhoof
Manicurist: Cynthia Pomcheik
Props & Wardrobe: Orla McGovern
Composer: Travis Orr
Catering; Heather Gonzalas
STATUS: The first spot, a compilation from all the others, is complete and has been broadcast on King5 and shown in various venues. The remaining pieces are complete accept for audio accents which will be added before scheduling broadcasts.
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